ADEX/NERB for Dentists Study Guide

The Ultimate Study Guide for Conquering the Computer Based Diagnostic Skills Examination (DSE)

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The Dental Board Busters ADEX/NERB is currently the only study guide available that comprehensively, but specifically covers the relevant material to pass the dental board’s computerized diagnostic exam (DSE). There are five parts to the exam, which our study guides will cover in their entirety: the Restorative, the Periodontal, the Prosthodontic, the Endodontic and the Diagnostic Skills Exam (DSE) Examinations. With 75% needed to pass, the Dental Board Busters textbook will give you the edge you need to far exceed minimum passing rates!

Master the ADEX and NERB Exams with Dental Board BustersTM! Our Ultimate Study Guides are…
  • Comprehensive.

    Covering all section of the ADEX/NERB exams, this one-stop resource contains critical material on Oral Pathology, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Emergency Medicine, Pre-Medication Guidelines, and hundreds of treatment pearls so the examinee is fully prepared with the confidence and understanding to answer the numerous case-based questions and achieve a successful score.

  • Credentialed Experts.

    Dental Board Busters has a renowned board of authors compromised of successful practicing dentists and top dental students who continuously review dental board questions, continuing education classes, and contemporary publications about the exam.

  • Time Saving.

    We know you’re busy, so we don’t bother you with anything but “bottom line”, critical information that will be covered on the ADEX/NERB exam.

  • Ultimate in Flexibility.

    With Dental Board Busters, you don’t have to worry about carrying cumbersome dental decks or being connected to the Internet. You pick up the books and transport them wherever and whenever you can squeeze in studying time.

  • Up-To-Date.

    Dental Board Busters continuously updates ADEX/NERB for Dentists: The Ultimate Study Guide for Conquering the Computer Based Diagnostic Skills Examination (DSE) so you can stay current.

  • Money Back Guarantee.

    Dental Board Busters has faith you will pass the ADEX or NERB exams. In facts, we are so sure, we are willing to refund the price of the textbook in the unlikely event you don’t pass. 100 % guaranteed!

  • Money-Saving.

    Dental school can be a financial burden … we make our textbooks reasonably priced.